Why is the color of this new order slightly different from the product I previously ordered?

We use 100% natural ingredients in all our formulations. No chemicals or colorants are
added. Due to this, the color, scent, and consistency may slightly differ from batches due
to any natural changes in the ingredients received.

Why does my shampoo have different layers?

Our shampoo and conditioner are made from 100% natural products which may
separate after a rest. This does not affect the potency or validity of our products. Simply
shake well before each use to let the ingredients mix well with each other.

Why can’t I feel the Chebe powder grains in the hair growth oil?

Due to customer feedback about the sandy and grainy texture of Chebe powder, we
decided to ground/filter the powder till smooth to ensure that it blends in when mixed
with our oils.

This keeps all the nutrients and potency locked in when you apply the oil, without any of
the discomfort.

What should I do if I have an allergic reaction to your product?

Before using any of our products, please read the ingredients carefully. If you react to a
product without having prior knowledge of an allergy, we recommend you stop using the
product immediately.

Are cocoa pod products suitable for facial and body?

Cocoa pod and its husks have been used for skincare for centuries. Along with them are
a multitude of healthcare benefits that nourish the skin, improve elasticity, and prevent
premature aging.
So, yes. You can rest comfortably knowing that our cocoa pod products only work to
improve the quality of your skin.

Can the Flaxseed gel used in shampoo and conditioner work on any type of hair?

As an all-natural and organic brand, we mix every product to ensure that it works on any
type of hair. The flaxseed gel infused into our shampoo and conditioner products lock in
moisture and makes the hair glossy and shiny.

Will any of your products change my curl pattern?

No. Your curl pattern is unique to your hair type and our products are made with the
best ingredients available to help protect and accentuate your curl pattern.

What is the shelf life of your shampoo?

Our products are mixed on order to ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of an all-
natural product with optimal potency. The shelf life of our shampoo is 1 year.